thai food elephant Menu


Egg Rolls (5) $ 3.95

Crispy vegetarian rolls served with sweet & sour sauce.

Spring Rolls (2) $ 3.95

Clear rice noodle rolled with mixed vegetables, tofu and served with peanut sauce.

Chicken Wings (6) $ 4.95

Serve with peanuts sauce.

Chicken Satay (4) $4.95

Grilled chicken on skewers serve with specially prepared peanut sauce and cucumber sauce.

Dumpling (5) $ 4.95

A wrapping stuffed with chicken served steamed with sweet sauce.

Momos (6) or (12) Choice of chicken or vegetables $ 5.95 or $ 9.95

Homemade Tibetan style dumplings filled with chicken or vegies served steamed or fried.

Crispy Fried Tofu (6) $ 3.95

Fresh tofu deep fried served with sweet & sour peanut sauce.

Crab Rangoon (5) $ 4.95

Homemade wantons with imitations crab meat & cream cheese wrapped in crispy wonton skin and curry powder.

Fried Shrimp (6) $ 4.95

Fresh breaded shrimp served deep fried.

Lunch Combo Special $ 8.95

(11 am – 3 pm)

Served with egg rolls, crab rangoons, chicken wings and one Entree.

Choose one of the following:

Vegetables Pad Thai

Chicken Fried Rice

Vegetables Drunken Noodles

Chicken or Tofu Yellow Curry

Or 20% off any entrees of your choice

We use no MSG and we have gluten and dairy free options.

Soup Bowls

Choice of chicken, beef, pork & tofu.

To add shrimp, calamari or squid add $ 2.00 Small Large

Coconut & Lemongrass (Tom Kha) $ 4.95 $ 6.95

Coconut soup with Lemongrass, Galangal, Mushrooms, water chestnuts, snow pea and lime Juice.

Button Mushroom

Lemongrass (Tom Yum) $ 4.95 $ 6.95

The Famous Thai soup with Thai herbs, lemongrass, lime juice, hot pepper and fresh mushrooms.

Kang Jead Woon Sen $ 4.95 $ 6.95

Bean threads with pork, mushrooms and scallions.

Noodle Soup $ 5.95 $ 7.95

Rice noodles with celery, broccoli, bean sprouts, carrots, snow peas, green onion & steamed tofu.

Side Salads

Garden Salad $ 4.95

Ice burg lettuce, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, onions with Thai dressing.

Green Papaya Salad (Seasonal) $ 4.95

The most popular Thai salad with tomatoes, carrots and peanuts with traditional salad dressing add shrimps (4) $ 2.00

Chicken Salad $ 5.95

Roasted chicken and fresh green vegetables mixed with Thai dressing.

Thai Salad served with brown or jasmine rice

Larb Gai $ 8.95 Chopped chicken, cucumber, mint, red onions, rice powder & scallion in Thai dressing.

Yum Nuah $ 8.95

Ice burg lettuce, cilantro, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper & onions in Thai dressing.

We use no MSG and we have gluten free and dairy free options.


Choice of Chicken, Beef, Tofu or Pork

Shrimp, squid or calamari add $ 2.00

Vegie Pad Thai $8.95

The most famous Thai noodle with rice stick noodles, green onions, stir fried eggs & fish sauce topped with chopped peanuts, bean sprouts, cilantro & lime.

Vegie Pad Mei $ 8.95

Stir fried tiny rice noodles with soy sauce, bean sprouts, onions, scallions, stir fried eggs

and curry powder.

Vegie Drunken Noodle $8.95

Spicy rice noodle with basil leaves, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, carrots, stir fried eggs & onions.

Vegie Pad See-En $8.95

Stir-fried flat rice noodle with broccoli, carrots, eggs and sweet sauce.

Vegie Lad Na $8.95

Stir fried rice noodles with broccoli, eggs, snow peas, carrots & light gravy.

served with white jasmine or brown rice

Choice of tofu, chicken, beef or pork.

Shrimp, squid or calamari add $ 2.00

Red Curry $ 9.95

Bamboo shoots, bell pepper and fresh basil in coconut milk. The dominated flavor is red chili and shallot.

Green Curry $ 9.95

Egg plants, green beans, fresh basil in coconut milk & has greeny aroma from green chili.

Yellow Curry $ 9.95

Bamboo shoots, potatoes & pineapple in coconut milk.

Country Style Curry $ 9.95

Red Curry with bamboo shoots, mushroom, baby corn, eggplant, bell peppers, green beans & basil leaves.

Masaman Curry $ 9.95

Indian style curry with coconut milk, potatoes, carrots, onions & peanuts.

Mango Curry $ 9.95

Yellow curry with bell peppers, peas & mango.

Penang Curry $ 9.95

Another version of red curry with strong flavor from cumin bell peppers, green beans & bamboo shoots in coconut milk.

Spicy Level: Mild – Medium – Hot – Thai Hot!

We use no MSG and we have gluten and dairy free options.

Fish Entrees
served with brown or white jasmine rice

Plar Sam Rod $ 13.95

Deep fried Tilapia (a tender white flaky fish) topped with sweet and sour chili sauce, onions & bell peppers.

Ginger Fish $ 13.95

Deep fried Tilapia with onions, fresh ginger, scallions, baby corns in light brown sauce.

Choo Chee Fish $ 13.95

Deep fried Tilapia with red curry, green beans & bell peppers.

Sweet and Sour Fish $ 13.95

Deep fried Tilapia topped with pineapples, onions, tomatoes & bell peppers in sweet and sour sauce.

Stir Fry Entrees
served with brown or white jasmine rice

Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu.

Shrimp, Squid or Calamari add $ 2.00

Cashew Nuts $ 8.95

Onions, scallions, celery & pineapple in light brown sauce.

Snow Peas $ 8.95

Sautéed with tofu, mushrooms, onions in light brown sauce.

Broccoli $ 8.95

Stir fried mushrooms, broccoli & carrots in special sauce.

Baby Corn $ 8.95

Sautéed baby corn with mushrooms & scallions.

Thai Sweet and Sour $ 8.95

Sautéed with vegetable and Thai sweet and sour sauce.

Fresh Ginger $ 8.95

Stir-fried ginger root, onion, mushroom and scallions in light oyster sauce.

Hot Basil Leaves $ 8.95

Stir fried onions, basil leaves, green beans and bell peppers in hot Thai chili sauce.

Spicy Eggplant $ 8.95

Basil leaves, mushrooms, bell peppers in Thai spicy sauce.

Pix Pow Peanuts $ 8.95

Sautéed with snow peas, celery, pineapple, onions, scallions & peanuts.

Lemon Grass $ 8.95

Stir fried lemon grass, onions, bell peppers, scallions & hot chili sauce.

Spicy Bamboo $ 8.95

With onions, bell peppers, scallions & basil leaves in house spicy sauce.

We use no MSG and we have gluten and dairy free options.

Specialties Pan Fried Dishes

(Served on sizzling hot plate with white jasmine or brown rice)

Beef Pan Fried $ 12.95

Tender and juicy beef with baby corn, snow peas, pineapple, onions, celery& bell peppers in oyster sauce.

Beef Paradise $ 12.95

Stir fried & juicy beef with pineapple, onions, tomatoes, celery & bell peppers in spicy sweet & sour sauce.

How Mok Ta Le $ 13.95

Combination of seafood in Red curry, sauce with eggs, mushrooms, snow peas,

red pepper, celery & basil leaves in coconut milk.

Seafood Madness $ 13.95

Sautéed shrimp, scallops & squid mixed with mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, pineapple, zucchini, celery

& basil leaves in spicy sauce.

Sizzling Seafood $ 13.95

Sautéed seafood mixed with snow peas, carrot, baby corn and bell peppers in brown sauce.

Seafood Pad Cha $ 13.95

Sautéed seafood mixed with bell peppers, celery, basil leaves, onions & Thai chili sauce.

Duck Entrees
served with brown or white jasmine rice

Thai Duck $ 15.95

Boneless half roast duck with onion, bell pepper, fresh ginger, snow peas, pineapple & celery in tamarind sauce.

Duck Choo Chee $ 15.95

Boneless duck in red curry, green bean, bamboo shoots, bell peppers in coconut milk.

Spicy Level: Mild – Medium – Hot – Thai Hot!

The Vegetarian Corner (jasmine or brown rice)

Choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu

Shrimp, squid or calamari add $ 2.00

Tofu Paradise $ 8.95

Stir fried fresh ginger, onions, scallions & bell peppers.

Vegetable Rainbow $ 8.95

Stir fried carrots, broccoli, onions, baby corn, bamboo shoots, snow peas.

Dragon’s Mustache $ 8.95

Stir fried tofu with bean sprouts & scallions in brown sauce.

Vegetable Sweet and Sour $ 8.95

Cucumbers, tomatoes, pineapple, carrots, water chestnuts & bell peppers.

Red Curry Tofu $ 9.95

With bamboo shoots and bell peppers & basil leaves in red curry sauce.

Vegetable Green Curry $ 9.95

Broccoli, green beans, bamboo shoots & snow peas in green curry sauce.

For Vegans we can cook entrees without fish or oyster sauce. Just let your server know.

Fried Rice

Choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu

Shrimp, Squid or calamari add $ 2.00

Fried Rice $ 8.95

Vegetables with stir fried eggs, scallions in jasmine rice.

Pineapple Fried Rice $ 9.95

Shrimp, chicken, bell peppers, onions and curry powder stir fried with eggs.

Basil Fried Rice $ 8.95

Stir fried eggs, onions, bell peppers, basil leaves and Thai chili sauce.

Side dish

Broccoli Steamed Veggies $ 1.95 $ 2.95

Tofu Brown rice $ 2.95 $ 2.00

Sugar peas Jasmine rice

$ 1.95 $ 1.50

Kids and Seniors

Satay (3) $ 5.95

Marinated chicken strips comes with peanut sauce choice of rice, noodles or fries

Includes a drink: soda, juice or milk

Chicken Fingers $ 4.95

Two breaded tenders served with fries

Grilled Cheese & Fries $ 3.95

Fries with Cheese $ 4.95

Pad Thai $ 5.95

Choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu served with noodles, green onions & stir fried eggs.


Soft Drinks $ 1.50

(Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Sprite & Root Beer)

Coffee / Ice Tea $ 1.50

Herbal Tea $ 1.50

(Jasmine, Green tea, Oolong tea, Peppermint,

Earl Gray, Mandarin Orange, Lemon Zinger)

Thai Ice Tea $ 2.50

Thai Coffee $ 1.95

Chai Tea $ 1.95

Hot Chocolate $ 1.95

Juice $ 1.95

(Orange, Apple, Guava & Mango)


Fried Ice Cream $ 3.95

Fried Banana with Honey & Vanilla ice cream $ 3.95

Thai sweet rice pudding $ 2.95

Mango (sweet) Sticky Rice & Vanilla ice cream $ 3.95

Coconut Ice Cream $ 2.50

Vanilla ice cream $ 1.95

Red Wine Glass Bottle

Jacobs Creek Shiraz $ 4.00 $ 19.00

Mark West Pinot Noir $ 6.00 $ 24.00

Woodbridge Merlot $ 4.00 $ 17.00

Napa Ridge Cabernet Sauvinon $ 5.00 $ 17.00

Rosemount Shiraz/Cabarnet $ 4.00 $ 17.00

White Wine Glass Bottle

Fontana Candida Pinot Grigio $ 6.00 $ 22.00

Glass Mountain Chardonnay $ 4.00 $ 15.00

Relax Riesling $ 5.00 $ 20.00

Veramonte Chardonnay $ 6.00 $ 27.00

Beringer White Zinfandel $ 4.00 $ 16.00

Bonterra Chardonnay $ 6.00 $ 23.00

Woodbridge Chardonnay $ 4.00 $ 17.00

Bottled Beer

Singha $ 3.00

Chang $ 3.95

Heineken $ 3.50

Samurai Rice Ale $ 4.00

Draft Beer

Fat Tire $ 4.00

New Belguim $ 4.00


Mojito $ 6.50

Cruzan mango, mints leaf, lime wedge and soda water

Thai Island Tea $ 7.00

Vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, papaya juice, splash of ice tea

Mango Margarita $ 6.00

Souza tequila, mango juice, sweet & sour, with a splash of OJ

Mai tai $ 6.50

Dark rum, orange Curacao, almond or great, OJ, and lime juice.